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November 2016

Passing Thoughts.. Positive thinking vs Negative thinking  -


Thinking Positive Thoughts Will Always Inspire You #inspiration #MondayBlogs -

Thought Power

You have the power to be great. Thought Power....

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Waiting for You

I wait on your love

Mind Stuck

Mind set stuck on stupid.  Thinks it knows everything.  Even when new found wisdom proves to the contrary.  You have never been here, never felt what I feel.  Don't you know that times are different, its a new deal.  Mind... Continue Reading →

Live with Intention

Live everyday with intention.

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Move With Purpose

Thanksgiving is a day to be thankful.  Thankful for whatever you have.  If you found it hard to give thanks today, start a new beginning tomorrow.  Dig deep and use your inner strength to help others. Be generous, and move... Continue Reading →

Hurt Interlude

Letting Go

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A Taste for Honey

Love of Honey

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