Poem:  New Found Wisdom

It’s that increase in your motherboard expanding your space.  New found wisdom it’s like the last bite or taste.  It’s like an Aha moment you just got hip to. Maybe you don’t even want it,  but it’s there, that knowledge sometimes gained in despair.  Don’t get mad at your New-Found Wisdom.  It’s goal is to make you better.  Give you a chance to reverse the damage if ever.  That thing you discover and bestowed on you,  will be a bunch of what if’s, how comes, and why me’s.  Don’t worry the New found Wisdom will soon make it clear, you see.  The picture you see before you will start to unfold.  But, you notice New Found Wisdom is actually old…

To be continued…

Poetic Flow


How many times have you wondered if you’re on the right path.  It’s truly frustrating to wonder what life would have been if you made “x” decision instead of “y”.  Some people know how to let that all go, however some of us get sad and even depressed thinking that they made the wrong decisions in their life.

Well, the truth of the matter is we have all made those same decisions that we think weren’t the best. It’s sometimes obvious when a decision was bad, especially when you got a gut feeling from the beginning that it was not right.  But, some decisions you truly don’t even know if it was wrong, you’re just beating yourself up over the thought.

No matter which situation it is just learn to take a deep breath and let it go.  Either way, what’s done is done, and you , can’t change it now.  The only thing you can do is move forward, learn from it, and grow.  It will make you better, stronger, and wiser. Pay it forward and help someone else with your new-found wisdom.