I know we have all been there.  The place where nothing makes sense and things just seem all wrong.  Situations come up and we aren’t quit prepared. An emergency happens and we don’t have the resources to handle it.  It seems like a pattern is always repeated.  The pattern called, “The Struggle”.  Were all so different, yet the same.  The struggles we go through ring a familiar sound. Nothing is ever right, I can’t be better because of my circumstances, and maybe even “it’s not my fault”.

Now, after all of that, can we get really honest. Some of the struggle is because of our choices.  Some of the struggles have worth due to our own voices.  Did you make the best choice when you were faced with a decision. When given the opportunity to speak, did you use your God-given voice.  When you got the gut feeling to say no, did you opt for instant gratification and just say go?

If its money, then we can budget.  If it’s credit rate, then go step by step and make it better.  If it’s your relationship with your Mom or Dad.  Then, swallow that pride and stop being mad.  The struggle is really within your power to control. Promise me you wont wait until you get old to realize it.  Owning up to your imperfections and correcting them is a true prize. Peace is the opposite of struggling. Don’t we want that?

Poem:  The Struggle

It comes at the worst times playing games with your mind.  Just when you think you’re in the clear, it shows up causing panic and fear. It rears its ugly head and tries to proclaim I’ve won.  It’s that man or woman you just can’t get over. It’s bills you can’t pay, trips you can’t take, and dreams stolen away.  You ask why does this keep happening to me. Does pain and suffering have a GPS lock on my location. Will you never have what you want, or what you need. Remember, the Bible says ask and you shall receive.  Listen up Struggle, the failures we experienced painful as they are, are just progress and our attempt to try.  If I’m not struggling I don’t have my eye on the prize...

More to come….


You can make it through whatever you are up against.  You were made to handle all that life throws at you, and don’t forget that!  So you may have been through a lot, but guess what there is probably nowhere else to go but up.

Some will be ready to heal and listen.  Some of us are still feeling sorrow and can’t see the light.  If you have had struggles and feel so inclined share your story in the comments.  Your words could make all the difference.

Poetic Flow