A Taste for Honey

Tasted the sun when we met. Something like a drizzle of honey in my tea.  Like a drop of yummy caramel drizzle for me.  Being honest we always disagreed.  But, the tea cup stayed full of yummy teas.  The attraction was sort of like bees to honey.  Like, a drug dealer to money. Can’t stop and we can’t get enough.  Chemical attraction in the worst way.  Then, you start to care, and realize substance isn’t there.  Now, you make demands of love me or leave me alone.  But, the tea is so sweet, and tastes good with my scones.  Still you long for tighter control.  Capturing the essence would make you feel alive.  Keep it as long as I can you say, and don’t let it go.  Leave and my heart will have a continuous hole.  It doesn’t matter that you hardly ever agree.  The desire is strong for another cup of tea, with honey!

Poetic Flow..