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December 2016


Fear Not

Strong holds keep me down Feel like I can't move Once had a brave heart, but now the fear rules Need a helping hand to guide me though the maze Fear has me trapped, life is in a daze Don't... Continue Reading →

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Heart’s Fate

Not silence or darkness can stop a lover's heart Love grows even when far apart The sound of their voice soothes your soul Just anticipating their call excitement grows You dream of kisses and hugs so sweet Reminds you of... Continue Reading →

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Love’s Agenda

Love the essence of all being A feeling that expands even without sight It gives you unbelievable strength and might It cuddles you and desires to protect A distant cousin to pain and regret Love unknowingly draws you near Chemically... Continue Reading →

LIfe’s Sweet Nectar

Eyes close as your taste buds savor Euphoric episodes of delicious flavors Kind of like a spoonful of warm happiness A sweet moment of everlasting The essence so silky and sweet Love and joy for a moment meet Life at... Continue Reading →

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