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January 2017

Life Out of Control 

Spinning out of control, my destiny has a mind all its own.  To do's, bucket lists, and vision boards aren't on one accord. Life used to be so simple and easy. Like walks in the park, and sipping lemonade on... Continue Reading →


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Let Go & Live!

Like the tide of life that drifts and recedes. Let go and live to live amply.  The living is in the shifting of waves that flow continuously.  Simply existing, the tide will never be. Happiness is found in the midst... Continue Reading →

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The Struggle -You can overcome anything!

Don't ever give up. Even through struggles, you can learn to grow. You can overcome anything! Believe!

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Mind Power!

Mind stuck in a funk and can't get out.  Mind already processed and filled with doubt.  Trained to give in through learned behavior.  Mind needs to shift into the visions you favor.  Retrain the mind and change your trajectory. Only... Continue Reading →

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Dont wait for something to fall in your lap before it sparks passion in you.  Follow your heart, your intiution, and your dream to make your life what you want.  Life's not always about finding yourself, it's about creating the... Continue Reading →

Its not ok to let your dreams pass by.  It's never ok to let your passions fade.  Take out your pen and paper.  Let the dreams flow through your pen like vapors.  When you see what is in store for... Continue Reading →

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It’s Your Moment!

A moment in time saved for you! When you finally figured out your calling. You now know the gifts you possess so use then, no more stalling. You fought so long to find your way. A journey of who am I,... Continue Reading →


Like a diamond in the sky, your richness is abound. Sometimes flawed, but still you shine. A prism of wonderful colors so divine. Diamonds come in all shapes and sizes, and thousands of different cuts.  The princess, the marquise, and the emerald and such.... Continue Reading →

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