Life can be full of struggles.  The is real!  There are times when it’s overbearing, and then you get a break that let’s you know there is grace in the world.  Find ways to soothe your soul. when you feel like the struggle is too much to handle.  A hot bath, a prayer, read a book, hand out with friends, and then rethink your strategy.  The hard part is you have to look at yourself in the mirror.  If you contributed to the situation, then you have to admit it.  This can be hard, but if you want to make better decisions, and avoid the same mistakes this is something you have to become comfortable with.  Realize our struggles define who we are.  If you realize there is not much you can’t overcome, you may be able to help someone through the same issue. That in itself is rewarding in the end.


Poem:  The Struggle

It comes at the worst times playing games with your mind.  Just when you think you’re

in the clear, it shows up producing panic and fear. It rears its ugly head and proclaim’s I’ve

won.  It’s that man or woman you can’t get over, bills you can’t pay, trips you can’t 

take, and dreams stolen away.  

You ask why does this keep happening to me. Does it have a GPS lock on my location 

whether west or east.  It makes you think you will never have what you want, or what you

need. But, the Bible says ask and you shall receive.  Listen up Struggle, the failures I

experience painful as they are, is progress and my attempt to try.  If I’m not struggling, I

don’t have my eye on the prize.  

Struggle is all part of the game, some you lose, some you gain.  It’s made me stronger, 

smarter and better prepared. It’s the lessons I needed in life, so I wouldn’t be scared.  

So, I will follow my dreams no matter how big or small.  I will accept, reflect and then 

move on. These are just moments in time when I needed to learn, but please know 

I will survive all your storms.   

#overcome #behappy #staystrong #nevergiveup #youcandoit

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