Like the tide of life that drifts and recedes. Let go and live to live amply.  The living is in the shifting of waves that flow continuously.  Simply existing, the tide will never be. Happiness is found in the midst of the unknown sea.  Trust that you possess gifts, and share them deliberately.  Your gift is the key to living, plentifully.  So, let go and even when tested stay the course.  With tenacious spirit continue to try, and return over and over again like the tide. After all, the spice of life is when the waves collide. Experimenting with different volumes and masses. Let go & live even when your wave clashes.  So, no more fear, no more excuses to simply exist.  Let your life force be what its meant to be. Stretch out your arms and embrace life passionately.  You see it’s the only way to discover your destiny. Now, let go & and starting today, live life more abundantly!

Poetically Speaking ….Poetic Flow Poetry