Spinning out of control, my destiny has a mind all its own.  To do’s, bucket lists, and vision boards aren’t on one accord. Life used to be so simple and easy. Like walks in the park, and sipping lemonade on a sunny day, so pleasing. What happened to that simple life.  Now it’s filled with confusion and strife.  When will it all come together. I want the storms to pass over me and reveal sunny weather.  I need a breakthrough, a miracle, just something to work out right. Out of control, please get into control and make smile again. Turn over a new leaf in my life every now and then.  Help me to believe in karma and faith.  Turn my out-of-control and disorganized, into in control and organized.  Let my purpose and gifts be realized. If you arm me with the tools to succeed, my out-of-control life will lay down before.  Finally, in control, I’ll be.  

Life Spoken Poetically…

Poetic Flow