We Cry out of desperation, and become weak and frail.  We struggle to see the calm after the storm. Tears stream down as it’s hard for us to conform. While we cry we dread our future and our fate. Looking back over all our past mistakes. Oh why do we get caught up in things that steer us wrong. Maybe it’s something to do with Adam being tempted and things going so wrong.  We cry so many tears and sing the same old songs.  Can’t see the bright future that’s just over the horizon. If your quiet, the tears wash away and reveal your destiny. Take my hand now and show me the way. Order my steps without delay. Overflow my heart instead with tears of joy.  Overwhelming me like giggles from little girls and boys. I long to be happy without life’s weights. Tonight I will pray for my restless spirit to rejuvenate.  Heal me inside and out and restore my faith.  That’s what you promised me, and I need to collect right now.  In the morning, I will know you’re there, if a smile replaces my frown.

Poetically speaking…..

Poetic Flow