Energy from others attempting to steal your joy.  All kinds of agendas and reasons that don’t even matter. Patience running low, working overtime to block the indescribable attempts to change who you are.

People want to claim everything, and have the final word.  No communication between all involved, decisions made in silos from plans drawn on a wall.  Patience takes another blow, getting drained, getting low.

Reason steps in, attempting to open communication.  Turn a situation from a downward spiral into something that benefits all. Patience getting low, while ego stands tall.

Now you turn into someone you don’t know, just want your point heard to soften the blows.  You know what’s best you live it everyday.  Somehow, the people writing out the plan don’t see it that way.

Down the road it’s doomed, not taking into account all that should be consumed. Now what do you do.  Patience on low and caring is not an option.  Caring means speaking up, being passionate only to be silenced.  Patience has almost run out and your tired.

After sleep and thought, you pray to overwhelm your cup with the ability to endure.  The patience to not be bothered or irritated by ones actions anymore.  No matter what the challenge give me the armor to shield it.

Someone says stay true to who you are. You keep this wisdom close to heart. Adventually, you feel patience filling back into your cup.  Note to self.  Next, time don’t wait to long to ask for a refill, or the cup might dry up. 

Poetically speaking…..

Poetic Flow…..