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When we look over our life and think of all the issues and problems we have had, how many of us think some of it may have been our own faults.  Can you admit that?  Would you admit it even if you believed it was true?  I know, it’s truly hard, even if you have realized it was probably due to bad choices.

For many years when bad things happened I blamed others.  I remember saying if you would have just xyz, this would have never happened. The problem was the initial issue began from something that I did or didn’t do, if I’m honest.  I think I have come a long way to even admit that.

I started to really analyze the issue and figure out the root cause. When I realized that the problem began with a decision I made, it was not an easy pill to swallow.  However, once I got real with myself and accepted my part in it, I was able to ask a simple question.  Why did you make that bad choice?

I tried to document the triggers and saw that it linked back to one main issue.  I studied how to improve in that area, tips and tricks you name it.  My goal was not to continue to repeat that action, that triggered a bad choice in my life.  I really believed that if I got that one thing under control, it would help a lot of other areas.

By looking at the root cause and accepting my role in the issue, I can honestly say I was able to better myself.  Ultimately, it helped with decision-making in other areas of my life.

Real Talk Tuesday, uplifting one another and working this thing called life out takes time and inspirations from others.  Share that inspiration by commenting below.

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