Life can be overwhelming and makes us want to throw in the towel.  We are born and raised to be independent and to handle all the day-to-day issues that come our way.  Some of us keep things to ourselves, only telling others when there is no other choice left.  We carry all kinds of burdens on our backs, even when the burden is not ours alone to bear.  We all know this equals stress in our lives.

Stress defined means a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.

What is the opposite of stress?  Relaxed, calm, peaceful, soothing to name a few….

Going from a place of stress to relaxed and calm takes a lot of work and growth.  It takes faith, a mind shift, a new outlook, and many prayers.  It’s not easy to move from the way we were raised to be in control, first, top-notch to a place of happiness and calm. However, if we don’t learn to do this, life can become one big pot of unhappiness.  We ask, Is there nothing better for us?  There is something better but it takes surrendering yourself and letting go.

We don’t like the word surrender.  It feels restrictive, submissive, sort of like giving in unnecessarily. But, what does surrender really mean?  Surrender defined means to yield to the power, control, or possession of another.

I know this sounds really controlling when you first read it.  Which one of us likes to yield?  I know for a long time I didn’t.  Not to my husband, teachers, bosses, and not even God. However, lets look at a few examples of the benefits of yielding.

Yielding to a husband isn’t really a bad thing.  He is or should be the stronger one anyway.   This is a small yield, but many of us still struggle with it.  Know that a husband wants to help and take care of you.  So, yield and let him do what he is born to do.

Yielding to teachers wouldn’t be a bad thing.  Maybe you wanted to do a particular task your way.  Never mind the teacher is trained in this area and you aren’t.  Never mind the teacher has many years of experience in education, and you don’t.  Maybe the suggestions the teacher made actually would be helpful if taken into consideration.

Yielding to a boss who rates you on a yearly performance would be smart right?  In the long run yielding would benefit you and your family through raises, promotions and exciting opportunities down the line.  After all, if you were the boss, you would want that same in return from your employees, right?

Yielding to God, as it is written promises to give you an abundant life on earth and after.  In the midst of yielding, something special happens.  All the stress, burdens, and weights seem to lift or at least feel lighter. You yield and in turn all your burdens are given to God to handle.  Just like in the case of a husband, God wants to take care of us help us, and over blessings.  It only takes to let go and let him do it.

It’s not easy to think of surrendering to anything, but with surrender comes peace and happiness.   YOU don’t have to do it all.  YOU don’t have to carry all the burdens!  There are people, situations, and more importantly God that is there to help lighten the load.

The question is, will you surrender?  If it means getting to that place of peace, would you give it a try?  I have and it has made a world of difference!  I feel lighter, happier, healthier, and like I always have someone there to help guide me.  I wish this for you as well.

Poem:  Surrender Anyway

Letting go is like giving up, but I try to do it all and run amok.  I Struggle to make it work, meanwhile know there’s a better way.  Taught from a child life isn’t easy, so deal with it. That deal doesn’t seem fair, and I wish there was someone there to shield me. Burdens laying on thick, feel like throwing in the towel.  To much to bear, and to many sounds. Who can drown out the noise, and restore my peace.  Inevitably, the one who was there first and will be there last can comfort me.  

I have to surrender instead of finding my own way.  I have to give in to something I can’t physically see today.  I know in my heart of hearts if I can, peace is on its way.  A comforting hand to guide me day by day.  If I surrender, I can turn it all over to him.  The written promises will surely be fulfilled.  I want that peace, that calm, but I’m afraid.  Still, let go, and Surrender Anyway.