Poem Someday:

Someday I will be. Someday in the near future when I find the time to venture and let myself be free. That day I will make my move. Find the power to pursue all the dreams I dreamed back in the day before fear, pain, and love tainted my spirit. Someday will feel like a light rain shower on a hot day, a kiss on the neck, sweet like honey…

That was a little sample for you.  There’s more to this poem, but you have to follow to read it fully.  Until then…

Poetic Flow



This poem came to mind because so many people say “Someday” they will finally be happy or the person they want to be.  I often feel sad that people don’t see the truth.  The truth being that life is today.  Life is not next year, or in five years, it’s now or never! Yes, there are going to be goals and dreams that take time to be realized.  However, that doesn’t mean to wait until that time to live.   Someday is here and now. Let’s make the most of it!